Vacation Time

Issue #83

 We Called It!

  • BAKE (Crypto Fox) - Telegram call with entry at 0.4069 hit a local high of 0.4687 for a 15.19% unleveraged move up. Posted on June 15

  • TOTAL 3 (Crypto Fox) - (Crypto market cap without Bitcoin and Ethereum) bearish call on TG when we were at 615.1B market cap, has so far nuked down 7% to reach a local low at 571.99B market cap. Date of post = June 14th

  • ATOM (Crypto Fox) - call on the previous newsletter with short entry at 7.655 has nuked down to hit a local low at 6.18 for a 19.27% unleveraged move down

  • UEC (Donny) - Call from last week’s NL, where we picked up UEC at $5.70 with the stock closing at $6.24 yesterday (+9% unlevered return in a week)

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