Weekly Wizdom

Weekly Wizdom

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“Easiest $50 I’ve ever spent. Has paid MANY multiples of that, easily 500x. In addition to newsletter alpha, the shitcoin and leveraged trade alpha in the telegram chats are invaluable. Must join, try it for a month and let me know. ”


“One of the most valuable things I have learned from Weekly Wizdom is how to think critically about investment opportunities in equities, crypto and NFTS. This information has helped me to develop my own investment thesis and to make better investment decisions.”


“The Weekly Wizdom newsletter is by far the best value for any subscription I subscribe to. The information alone is worth more than the subscription cost, not to mention the fact that it will make you money on a regular basis. The newsletter covers all markets so it appeals to any type of trader who is looking for an edge. I plan on subscribing for life.”


“Very good, easy to understand view of the markets, not only stocks but also crypto with amazing calls every week. Banger after banger! ”